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Mark Zelinski

By: Evergreen Media January 2, 2018 no comments

Mark Zelinski

Mark Zelinski was Born in Staten Island NY. He moved to central New Jersey when He was 7. Mark grew up playing sports. Mark played varsity football for three years. Mark comes from a loving and very caring family who has always supported him. He was always a hard worker no matter what job He had. Mark got sober at 24 years old and came to Florida end of 2013. He has devoted his life to recovery and has been in the field of admissions for almost two years. Mark has a huge heart and a passion for helping an addict or their family who struggles. His primary purpose at JC Recovery Center is to spread awareness through our country of the disease addiction. To plant seeds and see success stories. He helps guide families in the right direction and does his best to serve their loved ones.

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