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Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Center in Hollywood, Florida 

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction may be one of the most difficult journeys your friend or loved one ever embarks on—yet the reward is a sweet one. The recovery process offers true freedom from addiction’s hold, and a life of joy, fullness and well-being.

At JC’s Recovery Center in Hollywood, Florida, our passion is for providing a firm foundation for that recovery journey—a foundation built on faith. We offer PHP, IOP, and outpatient treatment for those looking to leave addiction behind, and to replace it with something real and lasting.

joint_commission_goldsealJC’s Recovery Center meets the highest standards for quality addiction treatment and client care. Our facilities are accredited by The Joint Commission, the oldest and largest accrediting body in U.S. health care, with some of the most rigorous standards in the industry. In collaboration with other stakeholders, The Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) evaluates health care organizations and inspires them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value through onsite surveys, education and performance assessments. Earning The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval is a widely recognized symbol of quality that reflects commitment to meeting industry performance standards.

Faith Based Treatment Programs for Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

At JC’s Recovery Center, we believe that addiction is a threefold disease—physical, mental and spiritual. Recovery is possible only when all three of these areas are addressed. We provide healing for the body, freedom for the mind and fullness for the spirit, with clinically advanced treatment programs, that are medically sound and have deep roots in faith and spirituality.

Our treatment center is a small, close-knit community. Everyone here is family, and the communal spirit is what makes the recovery journey fruitful: Our clients lean on their faith but they also lean on each other, and on our caring and compassionate staff.

Our mission is to provide a safe, sober, structured and nurturing environment for individuals who have a true and honest desire to recover from addiction and begin a new, healthy and productive way of living.

Therapies & Services That Work

Therapies & Services That Work

We believe in the power of faith to anchor the healing process. We also rely heavily on dual diagnosis care and evidence-based practice—including therapies such as DBT, cognitive behavioral therapy and more. Our clinical team takes a truly individualized approach to addiction recovery, which includes the diagnosis and treatment for any co-occurring mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety and more.

The activities that comprise our treatment program are rich and varied. Our clients will participate in Bible studies, one-on-one counseling, group therapies, faith-based counseling and life coaching. Ultimately, we seek to provide a foundation for lasting, lifelong recovery, and total freedom from addiction.

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JC’s Recovery Center Featured on A&E Intervention™

JC’s Recovery Center was recently a featured treatment center on the A&E television series INTERVENTION™ with an in-depth look at how Flakka has invaded South Florida as an epidemic. We invite you to watch as JC’s Recovery Center helps Broward County authorities fight back.

Each episode of INTERVENTION™ tells the real-life story of people suffering from the disease of addiction and the impact this disease has on one’s family and friends.

You can check your local television listing for the A&E INTERVENTION™ weekly schedule or visit the A&E Intervention website.

Our Mission at JC’s Recovery Center

Our mission is to provide a safe, structured and nurturing environment for individuals of all faiths. We will be a helping hand in your passage into a new, healthy, and productive way of life centered on the love of God. We will unite around you like a family and uphold you through even the toughest days of the process, and provide you with anchors in friendship and faith.

Our vision is simple: We want our center to be a place where people can come to rebuild their lives in the wake of addiction and to enjoy their first taste of true freedom—freedom that will last a lifetime.

Why Choose JC Recovery Center?

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What We Treat

Substance Abuse

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can have a lethal effect, destroying personal health, finances and relationships—but freedom from addiction is possible. Through our treatment programs, we seek to address the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of addiction and provide freedom from it.

Mental Health Disorders

A dual diagnosis facility, JC’s Recovery Center can provide evaluation not only for addiction but also for co-occurring conditions that addiction might mask—conditions such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders and more. We provide clinical and faith-based treatment for each of these conditions, ensuring that we address not just symptoms but underlying issues.

Learn more about our faith-based approach to addiction recovery. Contact JC’s Recovery Center today.