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Recovery from addiction is not something you do on your own. You need support; you need someone to lean on. You need, first, the power of God working in your life, your faith in God’s love and care serving as an anchor. You also need intervention from an addiction recovery specialist, which we provide at JC’s Recovery Center.

Through the therapy process, individuals collaborate with their therapist, working together toward forming a unique, confidential and caring relationship. In this supportive, nurturing environment, a new life of freedom from addiction will begin.

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 Getting Help with Addiction Therapy

The very prospect of therapy may sound daunting, especially to those who never never done anything like it before. The first thing you should know about therapy is that it is here to help you. At JC’s Recovery Center, we maintain the feel of a small, tight-knit community. Everyone is a member of the same family here, and the therapists and counselors you come in contact with will be singularly committed to your freedom from addiction.

The addiction treatment process begins with a diagnosis. From there, you will work directly with your therapist to develop an addiction recovery plan that you feel comfortable with—one that will give you confidence in your own future.

We Can Help You Overcome Your Problems

At JC’s Recovery Center, our patients develop new perspectives and learn life skills that help them break free from patterns of addiction—including mental illness, depression, anxiety, trauma and more. Individual addiction therapies help our clients reclaim a sense of identity after years of substance abuse and self-negation. Through individual therapy many will learn to take responsibility for their lives and learn from their mistakes. Life struggles will be an opportunity to relate to others with wisdom and compassion not depression and anger.

Overall, one-on-one counseling will be the catapult to meaningful relationships and purpose—all presented in light of the hope that faith offers.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The first step is dual diagnosis treatment. What this means is simple: One of our addiction recovery specialists will speak with you about you struggles and get a handle on the underlying conditions. Often, addiction masks the symptoms of other disorders, such as depression or anxiety, but in dual diagnosis care it is ensured that each condition is recognized and ultimately treated.

JC’s Recovery Center proudly uses the dual diagnosis model, to offer treatment for addiction that addresses each of its three dimensions—physical, mental and spiritual.

Individual and Group Therapy

Individual and group therapy are both important to the recovery process. Individual addiction therapy is a collaborative process between the individual and therapist, in which a unique, confidential, and trusting relationship is developed. Counseling sessions are a safe place to explore your inner world, feelings, behaviors, relationships with others, decisions and your current situation in life.

Group therapy, meanwhile, is led by a therapist but will also include a handful of other clients. This is an invaluable opportunity to hear others tell their story, to learn from them, to lean on them, and to let them lean on you.

Life Coaching

Your recovery from addiction is not over when you leave our treatment programs. On the contrary, some of the biggest challenges are yet to come, as you re-acclimate to your daily life outside of treatment and face the challenges of work, school and relationships. Basic life skills are necessary to navigate these challenges with your recovery intact, which is why our team offers life coaching services.

Life coaching acts as a support for clients who are trying to achieve a particular personal or professional goal. This differs from therapy in that it focuses on long term goals like choosing and building a career. We help our clients develop a plan of action to make their dreams a reality.

Trauma Resolution Therapy

Many of the clients who come to us at JC’s Recovery Center are seeking freedom not only from addiction but also from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. PTSD can be triggered by any harrowing and horrifying experience—childhood abuse, active combat or something else entirely. Often, it can be a trigger or catalyst for a substance use disorder.

Trauma resolution therapy allows the client to bring those memories to light in a safe and controlled environment with the help of our experienced therapists. Healing from past traumas may be necessary to achieve long term sobriety. Trauma resolution therapy is a highly researched and effective approach to addressing these painful pasts.

Spiritual Counseling

Many individuals seek comfort in drugs or alcohol. In doing so, their addiction becomes a big part of their life. At JC’s Recovery Center, we believe it is most effective to replace it with the love of God. That is what our spiritual counseling program is all about. We believe that spiritual growth is equally, if not more important, than physical and mental treatment for alcoholism and addiction. At JC’s Recovery Center we offer spiritual therapy as part of a client’s treatment options.

To learn more about any of these approaches to addiction treatment, we welcome you to contact our team today.

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