Substance Abuse Treatment Center at JC’s Recovery Center

Life with addiction can seem dark, even hopeless—but the good news is that recovery is possible. You can change your life through faith, and through clinical intervention. You can get freedom from substance use and related mental health disorders, and begin a lifelong commitment to sobriety.

That is what we are passionate about at JC’s Recovery Center. We work closely with individuals who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, collaborating with them to develop personalized plans for lifelong recovery. Our program leverages evidence-based clinical practice, treatment methods modeled closely on the original 12-Step Program, and precepts of faith. Our clients are empowered, carrying the 12 Steps in one hand and the Bible in the other.

We provide dual diagnosis care, which means we can treat co-occurring mental health conditions such as anxiety and trauma. We understand the struggle you are facing and we believe that recovery is not something you should do alone. Our program is a “we” program and we recognize that recovery is a journey that is too difficult to travel alone.

Our Approach to Substance Abuse Treatment

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all treatment method. Our clients work in close collaboration with a licensed therapist, who will guide them in creating their own plan for addiction recovery.

We also believe in treating the whole person. Our belief is that addiction is a three-fold disease—physical, mental and spiritual in its effect on an individual. Effective treatment addresses each of these three dimensions.

As such, our clinical team implements a wide range of strategies and approaches, including individual therapy, group therapy, life coaching, spiritual counseling and more. We draw many principles from the 12-Step program, but we infuse it with a reaffirmation of the power and centrality of the Bible, and of how God’s love can be an anchor to those going through the recovery process.

Substance Abuse - Portrait of Woman

The Addictive Substances We Help With

Addiction comes in many different forms, and stems from many different causes. We provide treatment to anyone who has struggled with substance use, and who is ready to begin a new life of freedom and recovery. This includes work treating both alcoholism and drug addiction.


Alcoholism is more than just the enjoyment of an occasional drink. It is an inclination toward alcohol that reaches the realm of true dependence. An alcoholic cannot function without a drink, and may experience physical withdrawal pains when alcohol use is stopped. The ravages of alcoholism are serious, and might include damage to personal health, finances and relationships. Finally, alcoholism is an equal-opportunity offender, disrupting the lives of men and women from all ages and walks of life. Hope and recovery are more than possible through our faith-based and clinically sound treatment and therapy services.

Drug Addiction

In addition to alcoholism, we also treat addiction to narcotics of all kinds. A limited list of these includes heroin and other opioids, such as prescription painkillers; cocaine; marijuana; and more. Drug addiction can sometimes arise as a coping mechanism—a way of dealing with some deeper pain, such as trauma or depression. In other instances, it is rooted in an abnormality of the brain. Drug addiction, like alcoholism, can affect anyone, and its negative effects can encompass health, finances, relationships and more. Drug addiction can ruin your life—but a recovery program can save it.

Get Yourself or a Loved One Enrolled in One of Our Christ-Centered Substance Abuse Programs

Drug addiction can seem like a hole you cannot dig yourself out of—but we are here to pull you out and help you get back up on your feet. Recovery is possible through our evidence-based and faith-centered treatment services. Learn more about the freedom from addiction that awaits. Contact our team at JC’s Recovery Center today.

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