Family Program

Addiction is often coined as a family disease. It infects the addict and everyone close to them. The significant emotional, physical and financial toll it takes on the family are heartbreaking. At JC’s Recovery Center we realize that loved ones may need help too. Our family program is designed to help the family and significant others cope with the overwhelming feelings of anger, confusion, hurt and fear.

The program is focused on helping the family members and loved ones deal with the stressors of addiction but also to support and enable them to be a source of healing and recovery. Although it is not necessary for an addict to recover with the support of his family, it is certainly significant. The support of the family can make the road to recovery a fuller one.

The family program offers a solution to the various issues the family may be facing. For instance:

  • Understanding addiction, treatment and recovery
  • The difference between supporting and enabling the addict
  • The difference between co-dependency and inter-dependency
  • What is the family’s role in the healing process?
  • JC’s Recovery Center policies and protocols
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