Dual Diagnosis – Co-occurring Disorders Treatment

At JC’s Recovery Center, we treat the whole person—body, mind and spirit. Our approach to dual diagnosis treatment encapsulates this holistic viewpoint. We want to help our clients enjoy the fullness of freedom and good health—and that means treating them for addiction, but also any other mental health conditions that might be occurring at the same time.

That is essentially what dual diagnosis care is all about. Often, addiction is present along with other conditions, like depression, anxiety or personality disorders. The problem is, the addiction masks the symptoms of the other condition, and as such they go untreated. Dual diagnosis care is about ensuring that a comprehensive diagnosis is made, and full treatment administered. This way, efforts toward addiction recovery can be fully effective—without being sabotaged by an underlying mental illness.

Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders – When is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Necessary

Addiction and other mental health disorders frequently go hand in hand. There are various reasons for this. In some cases, the addiction develops as a response to the other condition. For example, someone suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be desperate for relief, and turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of self-medication. This self-medication can spiral into addiction.

In other cases, however, the addiction and the mental health disorder exist due to the same underlying cause. There may be an issue of brain chemistry or physicality that triggers both conditions; addressing either one of them effectively requires that the root cause itself be treated.

Dual diagnosis care is recommended for anyone who believes that they are struggling not just with addiction, but with something deeper. It is our way of treating the whole person—not just the addiction.

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Our Approach to Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

For many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, treating dual-diagnosis is difficult because they specialize in substance abuse; likewise, mental health rehabs sometimes do not have a comprehensive grasp of addiction recovery care. At JC’s Recovery Center, we provide treatment for both.

We also believe that each individual is totally unique—and as such, we personalize our approach to dual diagnosis care. Our clients are introduced to their therapist, who will collaborate with them in creating a personal addiction recovery plan. That plan will encompass individual therapy, group therapy, life coaching, spiritual counseling and more. Additionally, specific therapies and medications are administered for those who need help managing the symptoms of particular mental health disorders.

Our treatment center is marked by its close-knit community feel; everyone here is family, and everyone’s recovery is sought after. Our treatment methods are evidence-based but also rooted in the Bible.

Get Individualized Dual Diagnosis Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment at JC’s Recovery Center

Freedom from addiction—and from other, underlying mental health disorders—is possible. It all begins with dual diagnosis. Get the treatment you need—personalized to fit your diagnosis—from our team of compassionate, experienced caregivers. Learn more by contacting us at JC’s Recovery Center today.

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