JC’s Recovery Center is aware of the practical skills needed to succeed in life on a daily basis. For this reason, we offer life coaching as part of our treatment to educate our patients on how to reach career and financial goals.

Life coaching acts as a support for clients who are trying to achieve a particular personal or professional goal. Life coaching differs from therapy as it focuses on long term goals like choosing and building a career. We help clients identify immediate obstacles and develop a plan of action to make their dreams a reality by:

  • Implementing a practical approach so that clients aren’t overwhelmed and are more likely to stick to their goals.
  • Establish small goals that eventually lead to a bigger goal.
  • Learn how to interview and how to dress professionally.
  • Learn Money Management tools to acquire financial responsibility and save for the future.
  • Find government programs they may qualify for to assist them with basic needs like food programs and transportation while working toward financial independence.
 Our life coaching sessions are geared to help clients reach financial and professional goals so they may live productive and meaningful lives.
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