Individualized and Group Therapy Counseling for Addiction

Freedom from addiction is more than possible; it is attainable to anyone who struggles with drug or alcohol use, no matter how dark or severe the addiction might seem. This freedom does not happen overnight though. It happens through an ongoing effort, made in the context of a personal recovery plan. At JC’s Recovery Center, clients collaborate with counselors to develop those plans, and ultimately to put together a personalized approach to recovery that might include both individualized and group sessions.

The goal of these therapy sessions is always the same: We want to help our clients develop the tools and strategies they need to preserve lifelong recovery—even during stressful seasons of life. We work alongside clients to show them the best ways of coping with life’s challenges without reaching for drugs or alcohol, instead equipping them with principles from the 12-Step Program and from the Bible.

Individualized & Group - Group Therapy

Individualized Therapy Sessions by Professionals You Can Trust

In an individual addiction therapy session, the client works in close collaboration with the therapist. In doing so, a uniquely constructive, confidential and trust-based relationship is established. Counseling sessions always take place in a safe and supportive environment where the client is free to explore feelings and behaviors in a way that leads to clarity and healing.

During sessions, therapists will work with clients to identify some of the harmful patterns in their life, but also to develop some effective tools and strategies for correcting those patterns. Life skills will also be developed, providing the client with ways to maintain sobriety even after the therapy sessions end. These one-on-one therapies are meant to empower, inspire and ultimately point the way to freedom from addiction.

Effective Group Therapy

In addition to individual therapy, JC’s Recovery Center also uses group therapy methods. Group sessions are typically made up of four to seven patients, and are led by licensed therapists. We offer both purely clinical as well as faith-centered group therapy sessions, all designed to provide encouragement to those who are in the middle of their own recovery journey.

Psychotherapy Process/Caseload Groups

Licensed or licensed eligible therapists, usually the client’s primary therapist, provide this group. It consists of a focus, and with delving deeply into the client’s current issues relating to the prescribed focus. It is significantly interactive with both facilitators and peers.

Relapse Prevention

This interactional education/process group is designed to assist clients in understanding their disease process of addiction, their own particular triggers for relapse, prevention strategies, and to increase awareness of, and encourage use of, available support.

Self Awareness

This group relates to the individual’s awareness of self-defeating behavior/ negative self-talk and pre-programmed life messages that keep the client in dysfunction. This group allows individuals freedom of expression of emotions and feelings and assists them to gain a sense of self-esteem through cognitive reframing and other therapeutic modalities.

Problem Solving

This group assists members in studying options available to them and encourages thoughtful planning to ensure realistic and positive outcomes and offers various techniques in this area.

Mental Health

In this group, the continuum of mental health is explored with discussion of underlying mental health issues correlating with substance abuse, depression, anxiety and related disorders. It can be therapeutic or educational in nature.

Coping Skills

This group provides the opportunity for clients to identify personal stress producing events, learn coping strategies for them and learn to control undesirable behaviors/thoughts/emotions. Clients are educated on techniques for reducing, managing and preventing stressors from overwhelming them. The client is assisted in developing a positive self-concept and confidence by increasing assertive styles in communication and action.

Support Groups for Families of Addicts

Something that cannot be stressed enough is that nobody goes through addiction recovery alone. Addiction takes a toll not just on the individual, but also on family members and loved ones. They also need hope, healing and key skillsets to help them through the recovery journey. At JC’s Recovery Center, we never forget about family members, and are pleased to provide a number of support groups for the families of those battling addiction.

These support groups provide a number of unique opportunities. For one, they allow for family members to share their stories and to hear from others—to know that they are not alone. In addition, they allow family members to talk through some of the particulars of coping with a loved one’s addiction, and provide some key strategies for dealing with the day-to-day realities of the recovery process.

Get Individual or Group Therapy Today

There is no one way forward in addiction recovery; it looks different for everyone. Therapy is always a key part of the process, and in many cases, both individual and group therapy are recommended. Learn more about JC Recovery Center’s approach to therapy by contacting our team today.

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