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Addiction to alcohol can have a widespread impact on an individual life—an impact on physical, mental, and spiritual health, to say nothing of finances, relationships, and professional prospects. At times, alcoholism may feel like an unwinnable battle. At JC’s Recovery Center, we offer a message of hope. We know that, with the right treatment, any individual can find freedom from alcoholism—and that is our foremost desire here at the alcoholism treatment center program at JC Recovery Center.

We are a faith-based recovery center with proven methods of evaluation, intervention and therapy—many of them based on the 12-Step Program. In our supportive community, individuals find the freedom they need from addiction’s snares.

Alcoholism Treatment Center

Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism does not just mean drinking a lot. Many people drink, but not all are alcoholics. Alcoholism refers to an actual change within your brain, leading to physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. For the alcoholic, more and more alcohol must be consumed in order to achieve the desired effect; meanwhile, withdrawal from alcohol consumption can lead to intense side effects, including physical pain.

Chronic alcoholism is both progressive and potentially fatal. Over time, cravings and tolerance levels increase. Those who struggle with alcohol addiction may find themselves having less and less control over their drinking. The effects of the disease may not be initially evident, either to the individual or to friends and family members—but over time, alcohol addiction can cause rifts in families and friendships as the alcoholic’s behavior becomes increasingly reckless. Seeking treatment, as early as possible, is key.


What are the Causes of Alcoholism?

Many wonder about the specific cause of alcoholism. Unfortunately, this is difficult to narrow down to any one factor, as there are a number of potential contributors to alcoholism.

The short answer is that genetic, psychological and social factors can all affect how the consumption of alcohol affects your body and your behavior. Research has shown that drinking alcohol simply affects different people in different ways, and the reasons for this could be inherent to a person’s genes or may lie in the environment, or perhaps a mixture of both.

Additionally, alcohol addiction is often triggered either by trauma or by another, co-occurring mental health disorder. When the symptoms of these conditions rage, alcohol or drug use can be used as a kind of self-medication—but this only ever makes things worse, and can spiral into an ongoing struggle with addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

The signs and symptoms of alcoholism can be difficult to identify. This is partly because all alcoholics are different, and the disease does not necessarily affect them all in the same way. Additionally, secrecy is a big part of alcohol addiction, with many keeping their struggle as covert as possible. With that said, there are some major warning signs to watch out for:

  • The inability to quit or taper off drinking, even when you want to or you know that it is harming you.
  • Having to drink higher and higher volumes of alcohol just to get the same effect.
  • Experiencing withdrawal pains when you do not drink—like shakiness, sweatiness, nausea or anxiety.
  • Forsaking other activities so that you can drink.
  • Drinking even when it causes problems with your health, your relationships, etc.

Get Yourself or a Loved One Enrolled in One of Our Faith-Centered Treatments for Alcoholism at JC’s Recovery Center

The good news in all of this is that alcoholism is treatable. There are interventions that can lead to hope, and even to lifelong healing and recovery. The first step is to seek the proper care. If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol addiction, contact our team at JC’s Recovery Center. Our approach to treatment is individualized, and leverages the best concepts from the 12-Step Program and the Bible.

Our faith-based and evidence-driven approach gets results—so do not delay in getting the help you need from an experienced, proven alcoholism treatment center such as ours. Contact us today to learn about freedom from addiction.

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