Spiritual Counseling for Alcoholism and Addiction

Prior to coming to JC’s Recovery Center, clients found ease and comfort with drugs and alcohol. But with our Spiritual Counseling program clients now find ease and comfort in the love of the Lord. It strengthens their relationship with Christ in order to fulfill His purpose not the desires of the flesh.

We believe that spiritual growth is equally, if not more important, than physical and mental treatment for alcoholism and addiction. At JC’s Recovery Center we offer spiritual therapy as part of a client’s treatment options. We find that clients who do not make a real effort at developing a relationship with a higher power, have significantly higher chances of relapsing. It is no wonder why our facility puts a lot of emphasis on this aspect of recovery. With that in mind, we have developed a Spiritual Counseling program to help clients reach their spiritual goals.

Goals of Spiritual Counseling

The goals of spiritual counseling are to help clients build an intimate relationship with God and find purpose. We help them overcome day to day obstacles by implementing spiritual tools like praying and turning to the Bible for guidance and comfort. Furthermore, with the help of God, clients can put into perspective their pain and grief. In spiritual counseling, prayer is a main focus. This approach help clients learn that that God is always accessible and they can attain the necessary strength to refrain from using drugs and alcohol when tempted.
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