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5 Ways to Support Your Loved One’s Recovery

By: jcrecovery January 9, 2017 no comments

5 Ways to Support Your Loved One’s Recovery

Watching a loved one make strides in their addiction recovery can be very rewarding. You see how far they have come and how hard they have worked to change. However, completing an addiction treatment program isn’t the end of the journey; recovery is an ongoing process that continues at home, work, school, and in the community. As a family member, you’ll likely be faced with making changes in your own life to support your loved one’s progress and reduce risk of relapse. Here are a few ways that you can help:

  1. Create a safe environment: Be supportive of their sober lifestyle by ridding your home of any drugs, alcohol, or paraphernalia that may serve as a trigger or temptation. When spending time together, avoid engaging in substance use yourself.
  2. Show your support: Don’t just tell the person that you trust them and have confidence in them – show it through your actions as well. Resist the urge to micromanage their life or hover to make sure they don’t slip up. Offer your support and assistance but don’t make them feel overwhelmed or scrutinized.
  3. Try new activities: Sign up for a class together, or accompany them to explore new hobbies. Keep an open mind and find ways that you can spend time together and create lasting memories without the presence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. Encourage faith: Belief in a higher power and the impact of prayer has played a powerful role in recovery for decades. Support your loved one in connecting with their faith and asking for guidance, help, forgiveness, strength, and more. No one is ever alone in their journey to recovery.
  5. Take care of yourself: Focus on your own well-being and consider attending family programs or support groups. These programs can help you to learn other ways to support recovery and promote healing for yourself and your family. Encourage your loved one to continue attending support group meetings as well.

JC’s Recovery Center provides faith-based addiction treatment as well as ongoing support for clients and their families. Recovery is more effective when everyone works together toward a common purpose. Learn more about how you can help and receive beneficial support through JC’s Recovery Center.

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