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A Prayer for Renewal

By: jcrecovery January 11, 2018 no comments

A Prayer for Renewal

It’s a new year and it is at this time that our attention is drawn to our accomplishments, our goals, and our hopes for this life. As we turn our calendars to 2018, it is natural for us to evaluate our lives and the things we’d like to do differently. Most people can easily find things about themselves that they’d like to change, and New Year’s resolutions are a common practice in our society today. While resolutions are often a fleeing trend at the beginning of the year, a New Year is definitely a good time for renewal, and this can happen in all aspects of our life: body, mind, and spirit. This renewal is not just for the beginning of the year, but rather, we should strive to live our lives following God’s will all throughout the year.

If you or a loved one has struggled in recent months with depression, addiction, financial problems, or willful sin, take some time this week to pray for renewal. If you ask Him, God will help you put the imperfections and struggles of the past behind you as you follow His guidance this New Year. The following prayer is a good place to start, as you strive for true renewal.

Dear Lord and Savior,

Thank you for the comfort of Christmas, when you came to us sinners as a helpless baby, born to save the world from sin. Help us remember the sacrifice you made to become one of us and suffer and die on the cross so that we might be forgiven and have the promise of eternal life with you in heaven. When we struggle, remind us of your love and the hope we have in you.

Forgive us for the times we have turned away from you this past year. Forgive our selfishness, our recklessness, our lies, our hurtful words and actions, and our disobedience. As we look forward to the New Year, help us put you first every day, so that we may follow your guidance and live a life of purpose.

We pray this year for renewal of the body. Whether we have gotten caught up with drugs, alcohol, self-harm, or other reckless behaviors, help us see the danger in our old ways, and turn from them to you and your holiness. Through the help of caring professionals, medical staff, and family and loved ones, help us cleanse our body from the toxins and substances we have been feeding it, and show us how to live a sober, healthy life once again. Renew our tainted bodies so that we may use all our abilities to serve you and your kingdom.

We pray also for renewal of the mind. Lord, you know how harmful things like drugs, stress, and conflict are to the mind, and we pray that you would not only help us clear away all the things that would harm us, but also heal our weak minds. Make conflict cease, erase our doubts, and comfort our thoughts so that the chaos and turmoil of this life would not weaken our sense of hope or happiness. We know you are the author of our lives, and you are always here to console and reassure, even in the midst of addiction, dysfunction, and illness.

Finally, we pray for the renewal of spirit. It is so easy for us to stray from you and your word, and we ask for forgiveness for the times we have failed to put you first in our lives. As we begin a New Year, help us make time for Bible study and prayer, and use those around us to motivate and encourage us to stay connected to you. As we turn back to you, Lord, we know you will guide all areas of our lives as well, so that we will experience a full renewal of body, mind, and soul. We are nothing without you, and we ask that you gently remind us of your love and forgiveness and your willingness to grant us a new life.

Lord, we pray especially for all those who are struggling with addiction right now and their loved ones. Thank you for providing compassionate men and women who have dedicated their lives to helping others overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Send your healing to those who are being controlled by this disease, so that they can experience sobriety, health, and a clear mind, and can begin living a life that serves and praises you. Be with the families of addicts and provide them with patience, wisdom, and hope, that their interactions with loved ones may be beneficial, and that they may trust your will to be done in their lives.

We ask all these things with confidence, remembering your promise to always be with us with your love and forgiveness. Thank you for being true to all your promises and for being a perfect example of how we are to live. In our Savior’s name, we pray, Amen.






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