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Beating the Summer Blues

By: jcrecovery July 4, 2016 no comments

Beating the Summer Blues

Many people view summer as a time of joy and relaxation where they can enjoy the warmth of the sun, clear blue skies, and longer daylight hours. However, depression doesn’t necessarily take a break because the weather has changed for the better. In fact, some people’s depression gets worse in the summer. By being proactive, you can help to stabilize your mood and keep depression at bay so you can make the most of the summer months in recovery.

  • Watch what you eat: Try to avoid a lot of processed foods and excess sugar. Spikes and drops in your blood sugar can change your mood quickly. Pack more nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, turkey, and fatty fish into your diet – in moderation of course.
  • Keep drinking water: Dehydration can develop before you know it and keep your body from flushing out toxins and producing enough serotonin in the brain. Have a bottle of water on hand wherever you go and drink throughout the day.
  • Make time for fun: Plan a day out with friends, have a picnic with your kids, or take a day trip somewhere. Schedule things to look forward to and that can keep you motivated and excited. Check out that art class you saw online, or find a friend and ride a new bike trail. Keep yourself active with things you enjoy.
  • Seek out water: Water can be very calming and relaxing. Whether you’re hanging out at the ocean, swimming in the pool, or hiking along a creek, take time to enjoy the sights and sounds. Clear your mind and boost your mood.

Mental health is an integral part of addiction recovery and promoting overall well-being. Through dual diagnosis treatment, you can address both addiction and mental health to set yourself up for a more enjoyable summer and ward off depression.

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