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Faith Based Addiction Treatment, why it works?

By: jcrecovery May 18, 2016 no comments

Faith Based Addiction Treatment, why it works?

Christian Rehabs in Florida

Addiction is a disease. A disease that centers in the mind. Addicts, often times try to heal themselves with knowledge. Gaining more knowledge about the disease of addiction is helpful but it’s not the answer to the riddle of addiction.  Addicts also try medication as the answer. None narcotic psych-medication can be absolutely beneficial. Those who suffer from the disease of addiction typically suffer from another form of mental illness as well. For that reason, many Christian rehabs in Florida with faith based addiction treatment programs are equipped to treat those with a dual-diagnosis. With that being said, the effects of medication on stabilizing a person’s mood is typically not the final solution either.

Once a person is addict they will always be an addict. The addict can take medication, acquire all the necessary knowledge about addiction, practice implementing the coping skills they have learned through tradition treatment however the addict still may not fully recover. So, what is the answer.

Well, as the 12-steps show us the answer is in the spiritual realm. A connection with God. Since we can’t heal ourselves with the same brain that got us into the problem in the first place, we must look outside ourselves for help.  Alcoholics Anonymous is in fact a spiritual program.   The purpose of the steps in to guide a person towards a relationship with their God.

Faith based addiction treatment centers offer all the traditional forms of treatment with the addition of spiritual teachings and guidance. Through this clients experience spiritual growth. Many teachings can come straight from the Bible as is done in Christian based addiction treatment centers.  The values and principles derived from spiritual books like the Bible, if implemented in one’s life can be cornerstones for a life of permanent sobriety.   “A life beyond your wildest dreams” is waiting for those who recovery from addiction. A purposeful life.

Addiction Treatment coupled with the spiritual guidance faith based addiction treatment centers offer is the key to long-term sobriety and having purposeful life. Long-term sobriety is absolutely possible with 12 steps in one hand and the Bible in the other.

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