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Five Realistic Resolutions for the New Year

By: jcrecovery December 26, 2016 no comments

Five Realistic Resolutions for the New Year

January 1 brings with it the start of a new year and a time of change. Many people set forth to achieve a laundry list of goals they have set for themselves, only to become discouraged when a few weeks later they have fallen behind. Change is an important part of addiction recovery, but you want to make sure you are realistic in your goals and don’t make drastic changes all at once. Setting the bar too high can lead to disappointment and increased risk of relapse or discouraged thinking.

Here are five resolutions you can make in recovery this year to set yourself up for success and build on what you’ve already been doing:

  1. Meditate more often: You can meditate anywhere, any time. It is a great source of stress relief and can help you to re-center yourself. Commit yourself to doing it more frequently to keep on top of your mental health.
  2. Try new things: Avoid falling into a rut in your recovery. Tell yourself that you are going to try a new activity each month, or sign up for a class you have been eyeing. You never know what you might enjoy and want to stick with.
  3. Celebrate small achievements: Even the smallest steps forward matter. Don’t blow off these accomplishments just because they’re not monumental. Boost your self-esteem and confidence by recognizing your progress along the way.
  4. Journal: Keep a journal handy and resolve to write more often. Leave it next to your bed so you can do it first thing in the morning or right before you go to sleep.
  5. Stay active: Whether that means signing up for a Pilates class, taking the stairs at work, or going for a walk after dinner with your family, make a conscious effort to get moving. You don’t have to set extreme goals – make them manageable and realistic.

Don’t berate yourself if you stray off track – make it a point to refocus and keep moving forward. No one is perfect. JC’s Recovery Center can help you to find what works best for your recovery and make changes that stick.

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