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Help Your Loved One Maintain Sobriety

There is no “cure” for addiction. Recovery is an ongoing journey and sobriety is a choice that clients make each day. As a family member, you play an integral role in your loved one’s recovery and well-being. While they are in treatment and after they come home, there are ways that you can be proactive in reducing risk of relapse and promoting success.

One of the first things you can do is educate yourself. Learn as much as you can about addiction, treatment, relapse prevention, and living a sober lifestyle. The more you understand, the better you can connect and show your support.

You can also get involved. If their treatment program offers family programs, join in. Here you can learn more about addiction and work through the challenges your family faces. It can help improve communication, problem solving, healthy routines, and rebuilding of relationships.

Make sure that your home is a substance-free environment. Get rid of any drugs or alcohol and associated paraphernalia. This will help to reduce temptation and promote sobriety. Be respectful of their recovery and do not drink or use drugs around them. Help them to stay accountable.

Keep an open mind and engage in healthier routines with them. Offer to go to meetings, workout, try new activities, and explore sober options. It can be beneficial for you to make some changes in your own life as well, and this can show your support and commitment to helping them change for the better.

Finally, if you’re not sure how to help, ask. Let them know that you want to be supportive and find out what they want or need you to do. Maybe they don’t need anything right then, but it’s reassuring to know that someone is there should they need something.

For more support and guidance, consider taking part in JC’s Recovery Center’s Family Program.

[cta] Contact JC’s Recovery Center to take part in our Family Program and learn more ways you can support a loved one’s recovery and your own wellbeing. [/cta]

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