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Keeping Addiction Recovery Interesting

By: jcrecovery February 13, 2017 no comments

Keeping Addiction Recovery Interesting

One of the first things that pops into people’s minds when they think of addiction recovery is that sobriety is boring. How can they have fun if there is no drinking or drugs involved? Recovery doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t – be boring, though. There are plenty of opportunities to keep things interesting and enjoy your new, healthier lifestyle.

  • Set goals for yourself

Decide what you want to achieve. Recovery isn’t about pleasing others, but rather doing what is best for you and your life. Do you want to read more books? Volunteer at least three days per week? Earn your degree in information technology? Set short- and long-term goals you can continue working toward.

  • Try new things

Have you always wanted to try aerial yoga or test your skills in archery? Are there nearby sites you want to see, a museum or nature trail you haven’t explored, or a theater show you’ve been dying to see? Go for it! Keep an open mind and seek out new interests and activities that excite you.

  • Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to give back and develop a deeper sense of purpose. Find an organization you’re passionate about and see what opportunities exist. It’s also a wonderful chance to meet new people and create positive change. Feel inspired knowing you’re making a difference.

  • Plan your days

Schedule out your days in advance to avoid long periods of downtime that can trigger relapse. Having a plan also gives you events or activities to look forward to. Seeing your week as a whole can let you assess where there are areas you can improve and whether your days are becoming monotonous. Swap out tasks you’re becoming tired of with those that offer a change or more excitement.

JC’s Recovery Center helps clients to get back on their feet and overcome addiction while creating a thriving lifestyle in recovery. Discover healthier ways to pursue your passions and keep recovery interesting without sacrificing the progress you have made. Long-term recovery is possible with help from JC’s Recovery Center.

[cta] Are you stuck in a rut and struggling to stay committed to recovery? Consider outpatient treatment at JC’s Recovery Center. [/cta]

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