Meet a Miracle- Recovery Story
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Meet A Miracle Recovery Story

By: jcrecovery April 30, 2020 one comment

Meet A Miracle Recovery Story

Recovery Story

It’s time to MEET A MIRACLE! Once a month we will highlight a JC’ Recovery Center Alumni and they share their recovery story. 

When we share our recovery story, it not only eliminates shame and reduces stigma ut we also help others find the courage to share their recovery story.

“Meet a Miracle” is your chance to connect with those living in the solution and walking in faith.  This recovery story will give you hope and inspiration. If they can do it, so can YOU! 


It’s time to MEET A MIRACLE! 💫🙌✝️

Today we meet AJ. 🤝

Name:  Alejandro Jonathan Buitrago Bendfeldt. “But I go by AJ”

AJ is:



Sobriety Date: 01/19/19

Ok…Let’s hear your RECOVERY STORY! 


How many times did you try to get sober?

“Previous to this last effort, I had been trying to get sober since I was about 19”

❓Why was the program at JC’s recovery different?

“I was about 19, and that was the roughly the first time I remember ever being introduced to An IOP program. I think the JC’s program was different for me because of the sense of family and people actually caring and having an interest in my well being.”

❓What’s the greatest gift recovery has given you?

“The greatest gift recovery has given me I would have to say at the moment has been a sound mind, friends. A better relationship with Jesus, and a lot more.” 

❓What words of hope do you have for those who are struggling with addiction?

“Words of hope:

Deuteronomy 31:8 “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; Do not be discouraged.”

Also, things get better. I didn’t get myself sober. God blessed me with the willingness and support and love that I have today and experience. I believe it’s essential for life to establish and maintain that relationship. The hope is the fact that We have a God and a savior, that loves us and is Good! He only wants to show us that and have us experience that. There’s no harm that comes from him.

The Hope is Jesus that has overcome what we’ve been through. Although he may have not been an alcoholic or had issues with drugs, he put on the weight of our sins and handled it- he took care of us. He will continue to take care of us even if we fall short. There is more than enough hope in our life’s and more importantly, it’s tangible. We can grasp it and use it in our daily lives.

We must be willing and say “I will go!”. He will take care of the rest. The hope is in having the opportunity to do the work. I used to see challenges and walk away or be scared. But the truth is that God already went before us and equipped us to beat whatever is standing in our way. There’s nothing more we need to do than to be still and know he has taken care of us and that everything is done. Inside every one of us is Love. And God is that Love. If you didn’t know you do now. He is real and he is part of us. He blesses us with changing the difficulties into triumphant victory and gives us the ability to laugh away the pain with his hand in hand.

There is nothing that’s impossible. He has literally given me the ability to reverse challenges, I see difficulties now as opportunities to get better. I don’t run away. I run straight toward them. I am because of him more than able to overcome anything and so are you. Don’t run away in fear run to the fear with love and enjoy what the Master does.


Share your favorite Scripture: 

My favorite scripture would have to be John 4:18.

There is no fear in love but perfect love drives out fear. 

Share this to your page and let others know MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!

Now, Comment below and tell AJ how he inspired you ⬇️⬇️


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So very proud of you Boo!!! I never doubted you would fight your way to happiness and peace & it’s just the beginning. Love you lots!

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