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Overcoming Fears in Recovery

By: jcrecovery August 8, 2016 no comments

Overcoming Fears in Recovery

The choice to enter addiction treatment is a big step. Many people are filled with fears about the process because it’s either something they’ve never done before and don’t know what to expect, or they’ve had a relapse and worry that it won’t work. Some common fears in recovery include:

  • Fear of the unknown: They’re unsure what to expect in treatment.
  • Fear of failure: They’re worried that they won’t be successful in treatment.
  • Fear of success: They’re worried that they will be successful and won’t know how to live their life in continued recovery.
  • Fear of sobriety: They’re worried that a life of sobriety will be boring or they won’t know what to do with themselves.

It’s okay to be scared, but don’t let this fear keep you from getting the life-changing help you need. Talk to the treatment staff ahead of time so you can gain a better understanding of how the process works and what you can expect as you go through treatment. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand or are worried about – they’ve heard it all and want to help you be as comfortable and confident as possible.

JC’s Recovery Center assists clients in developing the strategies and supports they need for positive change and relapse prevention. In addition to dealing with current challenges or obstacles, you will also be supported in preparing for the future. Having a variety of tools and resources available along with a solid plan for recovery can help you to overcome your fears. You’ll realize that you can be successful and you can turn your life around for the better.

Recovery doesn’t have to be scary or boring. It can open new doors and allow you to follow your dreams. If you’re ready to cast your fears aside and focus on your recovery, JC’s Recovery Center is here to guide you along each step of the way.

[cta] Fight back against your fears and contact JC’s Recovery Center today to feel more confident about addiction recovery. [/cta]

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