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Recovery Bible Study

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Recovery Bible Study

Recovery Bible Study

Recovery Bible Study is a meeting we have at JC Recovery Center every Wednesday night for all those who would like to attend. You do not have to be in recovery to participate in the recovery bible study, and you also do not need to be well versed in the Bible. Our Recovery Bible study is for anyone and everyone who wants to learn more. The central focus is studying the Bible through the eyes of someone in recovery. Our Recovery Bible Study is led by Stevie B, our Ministry Leader and Founder of JC Recovery Center, A Faith-Based Treatment program.

No matter how well you know the Bible or how little, Stevie B will layout the Bible to you with a fresh perspective and use real-world experience to animate scripture and bring the Bible to life.

Foundation In Faith

Every person from every walk of life can gain insight and understanding from studying the Bible. We believe that a firm foundation in Faith can make or break your recovery. Faith in a higher power is the crux of the whole recovery process, and taking time in the word of God is a great way to build that Faith.

Our Recovery Bible Study starts off with 20 minutes of worship music. We then take some time for prayer requests from those within our fellowship. Taking the time to pray for others is another recovery principle that we want people to get familiar with. The power of prayer is real, and taking time to pray with our group for others is so powerful.

Study Time

Recovery Bible StudyAfter the worship time and prayer request, we get right into the Study. We use the Life Recovery Bible, and this specific Bible breaks down each part of the bible with corresponding scripture.
This meeting may be the first time someone in recovery has been in a church in a very long time. These meetings make for a smooth transition and provide a safe space for people to learn that no matter what the circumstance, God still loves them, and they will always be welcome.


Join Us

We want to invite all of you to attend our Recovery Bible Study. We will have the Recovery Bible Study streaming on our Facebook Page until Social Distancing Orders lift and we urge you to log on and check it out. Once we are able to gather again in groups we would love for you all to attend.

Click here to Check out our Facebook Page


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