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Regaining Faith in Addiction Recovery

So often, addiction is accompanied by loss. You can lose relationships, health, financial security, your job—you can even lose yourself. Often, you lose your faith too.

Addiction recovery, meanwhile, is about restoration. It is about regaining those things you saw fall away. In many cases, it is about connecting with faith more strongly and significantly than ever before.

This process does not always come easy. Following months or even years of hurt and sorrow, grabbing hold to a faith in God can be challenging. Of course, this leap of faith will look different for everyone. For anyone looking to regain their sense of belief, however, we hope the following few tips will be helpful.

Be still. Allow yourself some time to be calm and quiet. Just sit and be. You do not have to have any agenda, and you do not need to worry about crossing anything off a list. Learning to quiet yourself is a key first step to peace.

Pray. You may not remember exactly how—but you can certainly list things you are thankful for, or send out a wish for healing and wholeness. Sometimes that is all a prayer needs to be.

Forgive yourself. Remind yourself that there is nothing beyond God’s forgiveness—and that it is never too late to pick yourself up and start anew.

Trust. Ask God for help. Express—either verbally or just in your head—the ways in which you need assistance, or a fresh beginning. Speak the things you need, and surrender them to a higher power.

Focus on God—not the devil. Keep your mindset positive. There is no need to dwell in darkness.

None of these steps guarantee that you will become faith-filled overnight—but perhaps they can move you a few steps closer to the light of addiction recovery.

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