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Sobriety Tips for 2016

So you made it through the holidays without a drink or drug. Congrats!! Now what? Check out the tips below to stay on the beam for 2016.

  1. Make more meetings- With hundreds of meetings every week in the tri-county area, there is no excuse not to attend meetings regularly. It is important to stay connected and reach out to others. Changing up your meeting scene can also bring new life to your routine and can help your spiritual growth. Check out our regular meetings open to all in sobriety:
  2. Go to a church service regularly- Improving your conscious contact with God goes beyond prayer and meditation. It is important to fellowship and pray with other believers as well— “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Mathew 18:20.
  3. Attend bible study- The Bible is full of infinite wisdom and mystery. Only through His word can you find what His will for your life is. Staying sober requires a deep, intimate relationship with God. A weekly bible study will help you navigate through all the wonderful messages God has intended for you as well as help you maintain a deep, intimate relationship with him.
  4. Call 3 addicts each day- The concept of one addict talking to another has proven effective since the beginning of 12-step programs. Only an addict or alcoholic can understand like no one else can. This is why it’s important to call 3 addicts each day. It will help develop a strong support group to talk about whatever is bothering you, it will help you identify the lies in your head that may be leading you toward a relapse and most importantly it can help you stay accountable.
  5. Pick up a service commitment- Service is a great way to get out of your own head and be of use to others around you. Whether you pick up a service commitment at your 12-step home group, the church you attend or a volunteer organization, helping others is extremely important in recovery. It works, if you work it!

You just made it through the Holidays Sober! Now don’t go off and celebrate by getting high, but give praise to God for this miracle in your life. Don’t lose steam, keep it going! And for those who couldn’t quite take on the Holidays sober, do not be discouraged. KEEP COMING BACK!!! Sobriety is a life long journey. You are not alone, EVER!
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