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What to Tell Your Loved Ones about Going to a Faith-Based Treatment Center

What to Tell Your Loved Ones about Going to a Faith-Based Treatment Center

If you are going to be heading into addiction treatment soon, you have likely done your research about the type of treatment facility and program in which you want to enroll. There are countless options when it comes to rehab specialty and programming, and you will need to find the right fit for your needs. One option you may have considered is faith-based treatment. Even though this type of rehab has been found to be extremely effective, your concerned loved ones might not understand what all it entails and may question your decision. Especially if your loved one is not a religious person, they may be concerned that you will be getting the help you really need. As you will see, faith-based rehab offers everything other treatment facilities offer, with the added benefit of spiritual growth and healing.

Different Types of Addiction Treatment for Different Needs

There are so many choices when it comes to drug or alcohol addiction rehab. Many facilities specialize in certain forms of treatment geared toward a particular group of people. You can find rehabs for men only, women only, teens, doctors, and first responders. There are programs for the adventurers, outdoorsmen, celebrities, or the elderly, and programs that make you feel like you are on vacation. The philosophy and approach to healing also differ by the facility. Many rehabs use the 12 Steps, while others take a more modern approach to therapy.

When selecting a rehab, you want to, first of all, make sure you fit with the demographics of the facility. If you are in midlife, you would not want to enroll in a rehab for teens. The idea behind offering programs for specific people is to make clients feel comfortable around the staff and around each other, so they can more easily open up and address their issues.

During your selection process, you also want to be sure the program you choose fits with your own philosophy. Some facilities follow a strict disease model of addiction, some offer medical treatment for rehab, some use holistic methods during recovery. Those that feel strongly about a certain type of recovery philosophy should find a program they agree with.

When it comes to Christian rehab, however, this type of treatment can reach people of any age, history, and really, any belief. The good thing about faith-based treatment is it can be modified and applied to nearly any treatment program. It just gives a more focused explanation as to why we find ourselves in addiction in the first place and how to deal with it.

What is Offered at Faith-Based Rehab?

In many ways, faith-based treatment is exactly like other rehab programs. It uses the same proven therapy techniques, lasts the same length of time, and offers many of the same amenities in the facility. The difference is in the focus of daily sessions and interactions between clients and staff. A typical week at a faith-based treatment center consists of group and individual counseling sessions, using therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Family Therapy. There are life skills development sessions, recreational time, and outings. The difference with faith-based rehab is there is also time for Bible study, worship, prayer, and an overall focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical healing during therapy sessions. Recovery at a Christian facility is not just detoxing the person from their substance, it entails helping the person dedicate themselves to living a new and sober life.

Benefits of Christian Drug Treatment

More and more people are turning to faith-based rehab for their addiction recovery, even those who do not consider themselves Christian or even religious. This is because as humans, we are comprised of body, mind, and soul, and in order to find true healing, we need to address the whole individual. It’s not enough to help the person detox their body and help them work through past relationships that were troubling. We need to also look at the underlying reason behind the addiction and turn to our God and Savior for forgiveness and renewal. Christian rehab helps us understand the problem of sin which permeates every aspect of our lives and leads to things like selfishness, relationship dysfunction, and addiction. A faith-based approach then also helps us know how to deal with our sinful attitudes and actions, find forgiveness and love in our Savior, and discover the motivation to live a new life.

Addiction treatment is about learning how to abstain from a substance, identify and deal with triggers, and repair broken relationships, but it is also about getting right with God and trusting His guidance for our lives. God promises to be with us and give us the strength we need to overcome the sinful struggles we continue to face, including the temptation to use drugs or drink.

Faith-based rehab has many benefits. It is similar to most other treatment programs because it uses the same methods and techniques. But Christian rehab has so much more to offer because it facilitates complete healing of not only the mind and body but the spirit as well.

As you search for the right treatment program for your needs, keep in mind the benefits of a Christian rehab program. If your loved ones question your choice, we at JC Recovery Center would be happy to show them what Christian drug rehab has to offer and discuss treatment options with them.

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