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The 12 Steps of AA

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The 12 Steps of AA

What Are the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Founded in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has helped thousands of people suffering from alcohol addiction learn to manage their condition and achieve lasting sobriety. The steps of AA are, today, the basis for many 12 step programs across the country. In fact, JC’s Recovery also features addiction treatment programming based on 12-step tenets. Collectively, the 12 steps provide a springboard toward wellness. They are also based on Christian principles. If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, JC’s Recovery Center and its 12 step programming can help.

If you or a loved on is struggling with addiction, reach out to JC’s Recovery Center today for help.

About Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. The two developed their philosophy and methods and published them in a work called Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939. The concept of AA’s program is based on the idea that alcoholism can be successfully managed with abstinence – but not cured. The medical community also shares that view. The methods promoted by AA are known as its 12 steps. Many other addiction recovery groups have also adopted these 12 steps. Over the decades, AA has spread to other countries, too. To date, there are more than 115,000 AA groups worldwide.

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

AA’s 12 steps are its guidelines for recovery. People can revisit any of the steps as they need. By following them incrementally, the steps lead participants toward recovery. The 12 steps are:

  1. We admit our powerlessness over alcohol. We admit that our lives have become unmanageable.
  2. We understand that a Power greater than ourselves can restore us – our minds and our lives.
  3. We make the decision to turn over our lives to God’s care as we know Him.
  4. We take a comprehensive – and brave – inventory of our lives.
  5. We admit our wrongs to God, ourselves, and to others.
  6. Open ourselves to God so that He might remove the defects of our character.
  7. Pray to God to remove our shortcomings
  8. Make a list of the people we have harmed as a result of our drinking.
  9. Make amends to the people we have hurt – except if making amends would harm them further.
  10. Continue to take stock of our behaviors and admit when we behave wrongly.
  11. Strive to improve our relationship with God through meditation and prayer.
  12. Achieve spiritual awakening. Carry the message to other people suffering from alcoholism.

JC’s Recovery Center and the 12 Steps

JC’s Recovery Center is a faith-based addiction rehab. The 12 steps is a faith-based process that pairs well with our evidence-based addiction programming and counseling services. The step-based process provides a framework for recovery that many addiction sufferers find helpful. Adopting a life of sobriety can feel overwhelming for someone who has been addicted to alcohol – or has been addicted for years. By focusing on one important step at a time, the individuals can break down recovery into parts. This process has helped millions of people since it was founded decades ago.

The 12 Steps and Meetings

One of the major features of Alcoholics Anonymous is the meeting aspect of its programs. Participants meet regularly to discuss their progress with the steps. People who have completed the program often continue to attend meetings in order to support others in their recovery journey. JC’s Recovery Center also features group meetings where we discuss individual steps or other topics related to alcohol addiction, relapse, and recovery. Group sessions at JC’s Recovery are an opportunity for peer support. Therapist led sessions provide the group with guidance and professional support.

About JC’s Recovery

JC’s Recovery Center is committed to helping people who are suffering from substance addiction achieve recovery. Aside from 12 step imperatives, we also provide individual counseling and other treatments designed to promote wellness. Our center offers Christian support, so we take time to pray and discuss topics related to our faith. In short, we treat the mind, body, and spirit with faith-based treatment, 12 steps, evidence-based therapies, and holistic treatments.

If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, you can rely on JC’s Recovery Center. We are located in Hollywood, Florida and feature a welcoming, supportive environment. Our addiction specialists are devoted to providing custom treatment to help each client achieve their recovery goals. Through faith, the 12 steps, and other effective therapies, we can help you end your reliance on alcohol. Call or visit us to learn more about our program offerings.

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