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What Treatments Are Used in Christian Drug Rehabs?

By: jcrecovery March 26, 2021 no comments

What Treatments Are Used in Christian Drug Rehabs?

Therapies Found in Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Centers

For some, faith can be the backbone of their recovery. For many Christians struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, their faith is what they rely on for strength. A Christian-based addiction recovery program is designed to allow patients to establish or restore their relationship with God while also treating their addiction with evidence-based treatments. Addressing all areas of a person, body, mind, and spirit is an integral part of long-term recovery, which is the focus of Christian drug rehab.

Facing addiction is challenging for any person and often requires more substantial support by integrating religious beliefs and practices. Faith-based treatment centers offer some of the same services and programs as other forms of rehab, but they implement spirituality, religion, and faith.

Some of the more traditional treatments found in Christian drug rehab are individual and group therapies, medical detox programs, 12-step programs, and trauma therapy. The more unique treatments found in faith-based rehabs can include group prayer, religious study, education on spiritual principles, spiritual counseling, pastoral counseling, church service, and scripture.

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What Is Faith-Based Rehab?

Faith-based rehab is not too different from any other addiction treatment center. A faith-based rehab integrates evidence-based treatments for addiction with Christian values and teaching. Spiritual guidance and support are offered along the journey to recovery.

It is important to note that an excellent Christian rehab program will use clinical treatment and supplement it with a faith-centered perspective focusing on a relationship with a higher power to achieve sobriety.

Many faith-based rehab programs view drug and alcohol addiction as a way to fill some inner sense of spiritual emptiness or lack of spiritual worth. The program finds what caused the addiction in the first place and focuses on increasing self-worth to help overcome their need for drugs or alcohol. Faith-based treatment centers have been around for a long time and have a successful approach in assisting individuals to achieve long-term sobriety.

After completing treatment, aftercare is essential, including outpatient treatment services, sober living homes, and support groups. Many offer Christian halfway homes and help recovering addicts remain connected to other like-minded spiritual people to provide support. They can also recommend many 12-step programs, which are often based on Christian beliefs.

Why Choose a Faith-Based Rehab?

A faith-based rehab may offer the extra support needed to maintain sobriety by providing help with the body and mind aspects of addiction and adds the spirit level through daily prayer, worship, and Bible study. Just as some people choose specific treatment centers because of their focus on treating depression and anxiety, they may select a faith-based rehab because they feel they need to focus on their spiritual side to heal.

Christian drug rehab can be very beneficial for someone who is having a hard time dealing with their guilt and beliefs of drugs and alcohol in the sense of their faith. They could be having a difficult time contemplating their drug or alcohol use with Christian ideas as well as the things they did while under the influence. It is a good way to find forgiveness for themselves and clean the past to move forward.

There is also a more robust sense of community being around people with similar faiths. Many programs use group therapy to build a sense of belonging and have shown that groups with more specific demographics, such as men’s only or women’s only groups, help strengthen those bonds even deeper. Being part of a faith-based rehab can create a supportive environment and reduce loneliness.

Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab at JC’s Recovery Center

JC’s Recovery Center, a Christian drug rehab center in Hollywood, Florida, offers excellent clinical care for recovery with a firm foundation built on faith. We aim to help individuals of all religions find long-lasting recovery. JC’s Recovery takes an individualized approach to treatment by offering many therapies, including dual diagnosis to heal any underlying mental health disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and much more.

JC’s Recovery Center also offers a medicine-based therapy with Naltrexone, which can help those recovering from opioid addiction to prevent relapse. Authentic, long-lasting recovery is possible with individualized care and support. We can help build back relationships with friends, families, themselves, and God. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction and would like more information on whether a Christian recovery center is right for you, please do not hesitate to call JC’s Recovery Center today at (844) 524-6873.

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