Our Staff

The best drug addiction counselors can be found at JC’s Recovery Center. We pride ourselves in having an elite team of substance abuse counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists along with a highly experienced administrative staff that knows exactly what it takes to achieve permanent sobriety. We not only draw from proven medical treatment for substance abuse, but from personal experience as many of our staff members are recovered from drug and alcohol addiction.

We have designed a treatment program with a strong spiritual component because it is proven, through our years of experience in recovery, to have lasting results. We have in-house spiritual counselors and spiritual advisors who guide our clients through the most important aspect of recovery- a relationship with God.

We understand that alcoholism and drug addiction is an illness that hinders our ability to fulfill God’s will for us. For this reason our program’s mission, led by our Clinical Director Wendy Cabrera and Spiritual Director Brother Stevie B., is to help our clients stay sober in order to find their purpose. Her psychological expertise and his ministry have enabled our clients to do more than just stay clean. They have discovered their true potential and the courage to take action to realize what God has put on their hearts. In short, they have learned how to live fuller and more joyous lives without any need for a mood-altering substance.

Meet The Staff