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How the Church Can Help in your Recovery

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How the Church Can Help in your Recovery

When you go through drug or alcohol rehab, you need to make use of all the help you can get, especially when offered by people who are supportive, forgiving, and knowledgeable about addiction recovery. One valuable resource for many is their church. Those who have an established relationship with the church will find it more natural to enlist support of the Christian church in recovery, but a church or other faith-based organization can be a blessing to nearly anyone in recovery.

If you have a church home already, be willing to accept the help of those in the church who want to see you succeed in your recovery. If you don’t currently have a church home, consider getting involved with one – you will find that those whose motive is to be the hands and feet of our Savior will help you in significant ways during and after rehab.

The church provides encouragement. The Christian church’s purpose is to share the message of God’s love, forgiveness, and salvation with its members and with the community. This message is important for those struggling with addiction because it reminds them that they are forgiven, they are loved, and God is there to guide their life and give them the strength to overcome challenges and temptations. Therefore, if you are recovering from an addiction, you can count on the church to provide encouragement to stay sober, guidance to live a sober life, and above all to remind you of God’s forgiveness when things go wrong. No one is perfect, and a church family can help you find peace in Christ, even when things in life around you are falling apart, even when you feel unworthy of God’s love. There is nothing as comforting as knowing you are right with God, and that kind of comfort can only be gained through hearing the word of God and through the encouragement of fellow Christians.

Some churches offer support groups. Some churches have support groups and meetings for those recovering from addiction. This is beneficial for you to go to if you are looking for some extra help in your sober life. Find out from your church if they have support group gatherings, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, or other sober living groups you can join. This will allow you to connect with others who are going through the same struggles as you, but the extra benefit is that most or all of these individuals will share your faith. Joining with others of the same faith will again help remind you of God’s love and forgiveness, helping provide the spiritual healing you very much need when in addiction recovery.

Get involved with church activities. Not only do some churches have support group meetings, but many offer outings and activities that would be beneficial for you to get involved with. Take advantage of these opportunities. Some churches have bowling leagues, sports teams, or take trips to the theatre or out to eat. Any chance you have to gather with other Christians and spend time with good influences will help in your recovery. This is also a chance for you to try something new, or take some time to have good, clean fun. Another activity you can become engaged with through your church is volunteering. Most churches are looking for help feeding the hungry, clothing the homeless, and reaching out to the disadvantaged in some way. Find these programs at your Christian church and get involved. This will take your mind off yourself and help you see how much you have to be thankful for.

Your church family can pray for you. Ask your church family to pray for you, and then be assured that prayer does work. Prayer is a powerful tool, and God allows us to use it to relieve stress and anxiety, and see some very real results. God works through prayer, and knowing you have a family of believers all approaching God on your behalf can cause you to experience peace and stillness, even in the midst of your addiction recovery.

Don’t underestimate the power of God. Remember God is our all powerful Father who loves us and wants nothing more than for us to love Him and accept His free and full forgiveness. God promises to be with us and to work all things to the good of those who love Him. Hold God to His promises by trusting in His power to help you through recovery. Stay connected to your Christian treatment facility through ongoing counseling or an alumni program if available. Stay connected to your Savior and other Christians by participating in Bible studies at church, attending worship services, and praying for God’s help and guidance. God doesn’t say that the road will be easy, but He does say He will be with you and will give you the strength you need to follow His will if you ask.

God gives us the blessing of other believers to serve as encouragement and guidance when we experience difficult times. Thank God that in His wisdom, He had made such an important resource readily available to you. Treasure your Christian church and the believers there. Accept their help and support, and when you are able, be a source of support to others.

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