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Why Do I Continue To Relapse?

Jan 27, 2020
Why do I continue to Relapse? For years I struggled with relapse. Hospitals and jails were common occurrence for me. I would tell myself “I really am going to stop this time. I...

JC Recovery Center Gift of Sobriety Christmas Scholarship

Dec 4, 2017
JC Recovery Center is happy to announce we will be offering a full treatment scholarship to someone struggling with addiction. This scholarship will include our full partial hospitalization program. We...

RIP Active Addiction – Stop Killing a Generation

Nov 27, 2017
In the midst of the upcoming holidays, I am left to reflect on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. The loss of life that is happening...

A Life worth Living without Opiates

Oct 13, 2017
Those who abuse prescription painkillers don’t usually choose to become addicted. This happens over days and weeks of misuse, as the person’s body becomes dependent on the pills and the...

Showing Christ’s Love to the Opiate Addict

Oct 11, 2017
One of the most difficult situations a family has to deal with is when a loved one is addicted to opiate drugs like prescription painkillers or heroin. This type of...

How the Church Can Help in your Recovery

Sep 28, 2017
When you go through drug or alcohol rehab, you need to make use of all the help you can get, especially when offered by people who are supportive, forgiving, and...
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