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Encouraging a Loved One to Seek Addiction Treatment

By: jcrecovery August 1, 2016 no comments

Encouraging a Loved One to Seek Addiction Treatment

Watching a loved one struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction can be frustrating and heartbreaking. You see the impact that it has on their life and those around them, but they may be in denial. One of the best things that you can do is show them that you care and you are concerned for their well-being. Getting them into an addiction treatment program like JC’s Recovery Center can be a life-changing decision and get them on the path to long-term recovery. But where do you start?

Educate yourself: Learn as much as you can about addiction, the causes, signs and symptoms, treatment, and recovery. This will help you to better understand what your loved one is going through and what options there are for treatment.

Don’t guilt, shame, or blame them: Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing or lack of willpower. By placing blame or making them feel bad, you may end up inadvertently steering them away from getting help. Instead, be supportive and share your concern, reassuring them that you are there for them and want to see them get better.

Seek professional help: Talk to an addiction specialist or interventionist who can guide you in what to say and how to approach your loved one about entering a treatment program. They can help you create a step-by-step plan and feel more confident about discussing addiction and treatment.

Don’t give up: Your loved one needs all of the support they can get. Let them know that you are there for them and will stand by their side throughout their recovery. As soon as they are ready to accept help, be ready to act. Have a plan in place for where they will receive treatment. You can talk to the staff at JC’s Recovery Center ahead of time to find out exactly what you need to know about admissions and treatment programs.

It’s not too late – addiction is treatable and recovery is possible. Speak up and help your loved one to get the treatment they need to turn their life around at JC’s Recovery Center.

[cta] Don’t delay – speak up! If you’re worried about a loved one’s addiction, contact JC’s Recovery Center today to learn about our treatment programs. [/cta]

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