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Sharing Your Story of Recovery

By: jcrecovery September 19, 2016 no comments

Sharing Your Story of Recovery

Every voice matters and every story counts when it comes to addiction recovery. You never know the impact that you may have on someone’s life. Listening to your struggles and successes may be just the encouragement and motivation that someone needs to seek treatment for themselves or a loved one. Sharing your story can make a positive difference, and in recognition of September being National Recovery Month, we’re highlighting some ways you can help others.

  • Speak up at support group meetings. Everyone is at different places in their recovery and going through different things, so you never know whose life you’ll touch. It can also be therapeutic for you to share.
  • Talk to people one-on-one if you notice they are struggling. You don’t have to announce you’re in addition recovery to the world, but taking the time to let someone else know recovery is possible and treatment does work, can be a life changing moment.
  • Write a blog. It allows you to express your thoughts and what you’ve experienced and it can be read by anyone, anytime.
  • Write a guest article for the local newspaper. Your story of recovery can give others hope and also emphasize the need for prevention education and access to treatment.
  • Volunteer at recovery events. It’s another way to show your support and an outlet to share your journey. You’re also supporting others in sharing their stories.
  • Participate in educational events to teach youth and the public about substance misuse and prevention. As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power,” so empower others to make healthy choices and reduce their risk of addiction.

Inspire others with your recovery and make a positive difference. You can get the support you need to keep moving forward in recovery in outpatient treatment at JC’s Recovery Center. Empower yourself and build the confidence to know you can be successful.

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