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Turning to Prayer in Recovery

By: jcrecovery January 16, 2017 no comments

Turning to Prayer in Recovery

The journey of addiction recovery has many ups and downs. There are many rewarding moments, but also many challenges as well. It is in these times that prayer can be a powerful tool. Whether you are celebrating a goal or feeling lost and alone, faith can keep you moving forward. Belief in God or a higher power lets you know that you are never alone and always have someone on your side who is there to listen.

Prayer builds stronger connections to faith: You may have strayed away from religion while in active addiction, but prayer in recovery can bring you back. It can remind you of your strength, the ability to change, the power of forgiveness, and the value in believing that everything will work out as it should. JC’s Recovery Center incorporates faith and the Bible into the 12 steps and treatment.

Prayer can bring calmness: When your emotions are getting the best of you, prayer can provide a sense of calm and relaxation. Lift your worries and thoughts up and let God lead the way. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and refocus by reciting some of your favorite verses.

Prayer opens you up: There is no right or wrong way to pray, and there is no script to follow. Speak your mind and be honest; it stays between you and God or whatever higher power you believe in.

Prayer can give you hope: It can remind you of your ability to change and turn your life around for the better. It can be a constant in your life when everything else seems uncertain. Recovery is possible.

Heal your body, free your mind, and find spiritual guidance at JC’s Recovery Center. We combine the power of faith with evidence-based therapies to provide a comprehensive treatment program that empowers clients over addiction. Build a strong foundation and reaffirm your beliefs as you create an enriching life in recovery.

[cta] Do you want to reconnect with or strengthen your faith in recovery? Turn to JC’s Recovery Center. [/cta]

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