Christian Drug Rehab and How to Surrender to God
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What Does it Mean to Surrender to God in Addiction Recovery?

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What Does it Mean to Surrender to God in Addiction Recovery?

Learning to Surrender to God’s Will in Recovery

Surrender to God is to give oneself up to something like in Christian Drug Rehab. During active addiction, the addiction itself causes people to surrender their actions, thoughts, relationships, dreams, successes, and personal fulfillment. Many people also believe that addiction hijacks the brain, causing the person to surrender to it.

Recovery begins with surrender, and in Christian Drug Rehab, patients learn to yield to a higher power. Surrender also means acknowledging addiction and seeking outside help. Releasing the “ego” lets go of self-centeredness in needs and desires. Surrendering to a higher power removes the need for control over wants and desires.

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About the 12 Steps of AA and NA

Christian Drug Rehab programs, along with Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), follow a 12-step approach that emphasizes surrendering as a crucial step towards recovery. Step three, known as the process of surrender, involves making a decision to entrust our will and lives to the care of a higher power as we understand it. This step helps individuals embrace spirituality, acknowledging their inability to control their addiction and allowing a greater power to take charge.

This process empowers individuals to have faith in their ability to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Learning to surrender involves granting oneself permission to express thoughts and emotions freely. Validating feelings guides individuals to release and embrace the present reality. Encouragement to view situations objectively curbs rumination and reactive behavior. Engaging in these exercises may evoke emotional and physical discomfort.

Some of the other steps in practicing surrender are:

Give Yourself Permission to Rest

It is okay not to know everything that will happen and worrying will not change the outcome. Things will happen as they should.

Notice When You’re Looking to Control Things

Once you notice that, pause and think about what you’re trying to control and why. Then relax, and surrender.

Love Yourself

Avoid judging yourself for the feelings you experience and look at yourself from a place of love and not fear.

Open Yourself Up to What’s Around You

Try to focus on the things you appreciate around you and in your current environment. It can be as simple as enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Learning to Surrender to God in Recovery

Surrendering opens new possibilities and acknowledges that current choices aren’t productive. Surrendering engages the numbed prefrontal cortex, aiding brain healing in recovery. Letting go in Christian Drug Rehab promotes relaxation and appreciating the present journey. It fosters open-mindedness, acceptance, and learning. Being fully present conserves energy and allows engagement without constant control.

Christian Recovery Center in Florida

At JC’s Recovery Center, the foundation for a recovery journey is built on faith. Surrendering to a higher power is key in our treatment program. Regardless of faith, we extend a warm welcome to all, inviting them to discover sobriety through God’s love. Emphasizing God’s purpose is crucial for meaningful change in recovery.

Surrender To God in JC’s Recovery Center

Christian drug rehab, like JC’s Recovery Center, we offer the same physical and mental healing services founded in science that are offered in typical drug rehab programs but add in spiritual healing to achieve well-rounded and holistic healing from drugs and alcohol. Patients who establish a connection with a higher power greatly increase their chances of preventing relapse.

If you or someone you love is battling drug and alcohol addiction, please give JC’s Recovery Center a call today at (844) 524-6873 to start your recovery and end your addiction. Our expert staff is always ready to guide you. We will answer any questions on how a spiritual counseling program can help you maintain your sobriety.

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