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Benefits of Journaling in Recovery

Benefits of Journaling in Recovery

Have you ever thought about keeping a journal?

If not, maybe it’s time you did. Journaling is more than just a hobby or a form of creative release. In a very real way, it can be a tool in your recovery. In fact, many individuals who are in recovery or who are in therapy are encouraged to journal, and find immense value in it.

There are a number of benefits you might receive from journaling. The most basic is that it can be a conduit for expression. Journaling allows you to uncork your own thoughts; to take the emotions that might be bottled up inside of you and to put them on a page, allowing you to articulate and understand things that might otherwise seem cloudy or elusive.

Journaling can also be an act of discovery. If you choose to keep a journal, you will find it amazing how often the process leads you to learn about yourself, or to see things from a different perspective.

Keeping a journal is an inherently creative endeavor, and any form of creative expression can provide a channel for you to vent stress and frustration. At the same time, journaling can be a kind of distraction—something with which you can occupy your mind and your attention during moments when you may be feeling aimless or overwhelmed.

A final note is that journaling can also provide you with a conduit for gratitude. Keeping a log of the things you are thankful for—the things you have already achieved in your recovery—can be powerful and motivating.

It’s probably fair to say that journaling isn’t for everyone, but don’t blow it off. Give it a try. See if it’s something that can benefit you on your recovery journey.

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