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Keeping a Handle on Cravings

Dec 19, 2016
Cravings are a natural, albeit frustrating, part of addiction recovery. It takes time to retrain your brain and body to function effectively without drugs or alcohol. The good news is...

Holiday Gift Ideas to Support Recovery

Dec 12, 2016
Now that your loved one is in recovery, you may be wondering what gift you can give to support their new lifestyle. While they are the same person at heart,...

Having Halloween Fun Without Sacrificing Recovery

Oct 24, 2016
Halloween is just around the corner and kicks off the start of the holiday season. Holidays can be tough for those in recovery because they are often filled with parties,...

Breaking Bonds and Making New Friends in Recovery

Sep 6, 2016
An important part of addiction recovery is surrounding yourself with people who are a positive influence and who are supportive of your new lifestyle. Hanging out with old friends who...

Help Your Loved One Maintain Sobriety

Jul 25, 2016
There is no “cure” for addiction. Recovery is an ongoing journey and sobriety is a choice that clients make each day. As a family member, you play an integral role...
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