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Holiday Gift Ideas to Support Recovery

By: jcrecovery December 12, 2016 no comments

Holiday Gift Ideas to Support Recovery

Now that your loved one is in recovery, you may be wondering what gift you can give to support their new lifestyle. While they are the same person at heart, they’ve probably made some noticeable changes to how they live and deal with certain situations. There are plenty of gift ideas to show you care and support them in their recovery.

Motivational Book: Choose an inspiring author or pick out a book of uplifting quotes. This will give your loved one reading material that will boost their spirits and help them keep a positive perspective.

Gift Subscription: Have they been wanting to try out yoga or karate? Is there a photography or art class they want to take? Look into a gift subscription so they can explore a new hobby and stay active in recovery. It might be something they find they really enjoy and want to keep doing.

Gift Basket: Let your loved one pamper themselves by putting together a gift basket of things you know they’ll enjoy or to help them relax. You could include bath oils, lotions, scented candles, activity books, tea, a pleasure reading book, a favorite movie, baked goods, or other small items to entertain them. Personalize it with gifts you picked out especially with them in mind.

Journal: Writing can be very therapeutic, especially for those in recovery. Pick out a fun or inspiring journal that they can fill with their thoughts, motivational quotes, or things they are grateful for.

Don’t let holiday gift giving stress you out. Choose (or make!) a gift from the heart that shows you care. It’s the thought that counts. If you’re unsure about your role in recovery or how you can be more supportive, consider JC’s Recovery Center’s Family Program. Addiction affects the entire family, so get the help you need so everyone can heal together.

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