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Learning to Love Yourself in Recovery

By: jcrecovery February 1, 2017 no comments

Learning to Love Yourself in Recovery

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and February is also National Heart Month, so it’s a wonderful time to focus on love in your life. Not just your love for others, but your love for yourself as well. Addiction recovery can be challenging and test your faith, confidence, patience, and perseverance. This makes it even more essential to remember your worth and spend time learning to love yourself.

Before you can take of others, you must first take care of yourself. You want to be at your best so you can make the most of each day and make positive changes in your life that support long-term sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Change takes time: Just as addiction does not happen overnight, neither does recovery. It’s a process that you must work on each day. Try to avoid comparing your progress with someone else’s; everyone moves at their own pace. Focus on doing what is right for you and celebrating your accomplishments. Keep a journal so that you can reflect on how far you have come and track your goals for the future.

Celebrate the little things: Don’t just look at the big goals – pay attention to the little successes too. Maybe you’re the only one that recognizes the smaller milestones, but they’re still something to be proud of and to pat yourself on the back for. These little pick-me-ups can keep you going when times get tough.

Stay strong in your faith: Let faith guide you, and turn to God when you need help, encouragement, or support. No one is given more than they can handle, so keep the Big Book in one hand and the Bible in other.

Do what makes you happy: Your interests and well-being are important. Instead of stressing yourself out trying to please others, make time for yourself and what makes you happy.

JC’s Recovery Center supports clients in overcoming addiction and dual diagnoses by connecting them with faith and building a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Make your health and life a priority by showing some self-love and getting the help you need for recovery.

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