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Why Fall is a Great Time for Addiction Treatment

By: jcrecovery September 12, 2016 no comments

Why Fall is a Great Time for Addiction Treatment

Autumn is just around the corner, and with it comes the excitement of the holidays and the anticipation of a new year. There are sporting events, school activities, family get-togethers, and celebrations with friends. For those in active addiction, this can be a troubling time with more excuses for drinking. However, these same fall activities can be the motivation you need to seek addiction treatment.

There is never a “perfect” time to enter treatment for addiction. You can always find excuses to push it off. But here are some reasons why autumn can be a great time to choose treatment and get on the road to recovery:

The kids are back in school: School has started and so have afterschool activities. This will keep your kids busy and means that more families and friends are around to help watch them or take them places while you’re in treatment.

Gear up for the holidays: Feel more confident heading into the holidays knowing that you will have the strategies, resources, and support necessary to keep temptation at bay. You’ll be able to enjoy the holidays in sobriety and make lasting memories with those you love.

Kick off the New Year early: Why not get a jump start on making positive changes in your life? You’ll already be making progress toward your goals and reaching milestones you’ve set for yourself. This means less pressure for New Year’s resolutions because you have your own goals in place already.

Enjoy the beautiful Florida weather: While in treatment at JC’s Recovery Center, you can take advantage of the warm and sunny weather that Florida experiences even in the fall. Enjoy the great outdoors, the beach, and all they have to offer while you delve into treatment and recovery.

Stop putting off addiction treatment and embrace the fall as a great time to turn your life around for the better at JC’s Recovery Center.

[cta] Start your journey to addiction recovery at JC’s Recovery Center today and make the most of autumn. Call to learn more about our flexible treatment options. [/cta]

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